Borja Serra

Borja har vært en del av Blueye siden starten, og har vært en viktig del reisen fra idé til ferdig produkt.

Dette er hans historie!

Borja Serra

  • Role: Electrical Engineer
  • Origin: Spain
  • Age: 26

What kind of education do you have?

I have a double degree in industrial and mechatronics engineering. I was studying for 4 years in Barcelona, Spain at UPC and 2 more years in Lund, Sweden at LTH.

How long have you had this position at Blueye?

I have been working here since August 2015 when the company started.

How did you get the job?

I applied for a Phd at Marin Teknik. Martin Ludvigsen(our CTO) was the supervisor for that position. After the first interview he asked me if I was interested in working for Blueye and got me in touch with Erik. I couldn't say no :)

Did you know anyone else at Blueye before you got the job?

I didn’t know anyone from Blueye - or even Norway before, but I have always been fascinated by Norway and it's nature.

What are you doing at Blueye?

I am working on the electronics design of the Pioneer. My main objective is to design the whole hardware stack with the rest of the team and make it bomb proof.

What are your main focus at work right now?

Iterating on new PCBs to make them ready for mass production. We are in touch with out production partner every day to guarantee the electronics are optimized and have no problems during the final production. We are also focusing on testing different parts of the drone in different conditions to consolidate the final design.

Designing communication board

Can you explain what we see on this picture?

This is one of the boards from the system. Concretely the Wireless Surface Unit that will ensure the communication link between the Pioneer and the Smartphone/Tablet.

How is a typical working day at Blueye for you?

I won’t lie, there is a lot of work to do considering we are a pretty small team for a big task. However, the competence, experience and the team atmosphere that we have in the office is really hard to find anywhere else. I am sometimes working on design, sometimes testing, sometimes in a meeting with the team or some supplier. I am never bored.

What qualities do you find important in your job?

It is important to have good understanding of the whole system. Electronics takes a lot of time between iterations so everything needs to be close to perfection. I also find being open minded is crucial. Sometimes thinking out of the box can solve some headaches.

Electrical and software einger Borja ready for a night dive with PioneerOne

What is the best with working at Blueye?

I found that the atmosphere within the team is the best. We are like a family and when we go out testing it doesn't feel like it's work because we are all so passionate about it. We are like kids with candy;) Something I also love about this job is that the learning curve is exponential.

What do you do in your spare time?

The cool thing of living in Norway, and especially Trondheim, is the amount of activities you can do. I have some season related activities that I try to keep up: during winter I go cross country skiing and I like night photography as we are fortunate to have Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in this area. During the summer I often go mountain biking and sailing. I also love dancing salsa and playing tennis.

Do you have something you are very engaged in?

I would say dancing salsa is my main thing now. Except from Blueye of course!

Do you have any tips you want to share with those who want a job at Blueye?

One of the most important features is to be motivated. People are running on passion. Being open minded and having team building skills are also crucial, as Blueye is still a startup and waht we bring to the table now will set the scene for the future of Blueye as a company.